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Laugh out loud comedies, binge-worthy dramas

and edge-of-your-seat action-thrillers…

Every cinematic story on every screen is deliberately crafted to enchant and engage its viewer - to sustain the audience's attention whilst stimulating new thoughts and ideas that will stay with them long after they've watched.

Your stories should be no different.

Throughout pre-production planning, to filming and post-production/delivery - TRUE LIES assists you and your team in the sculpting, scripting and coordination of your pivotal project.

Allow us to put you and your organisation at the centre of its own cinematic world via captivating stories within the highest standards of production, fully engrossing your members, patrons or clients with the enthrallment of a Hollywood blockbuster. Not only will they absorb what you want them to know - but just like that last gripping Netflix series they binged... they'll be hooked to know more.

With production services beginning from £5k

connect now to discuss your next project.


Thank you - we'll be in touch soon.

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